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Wifi Is More Than Just the Use of Internet

Most lay people in this era of technology consider Wifi to be a means to get internet access available on several hot spots with various distances provided. Wifi itself stands for Wireless Fidelity which means unlimited internet service somewhere without using cables with the IEEE 802.11 standard. At the beginning of its development Wifi was only used as a wireless device with a LAN (Local Area Network). Along with the increasing internet needs, the Wifi function is now more misinterpreted by ordinary people as internet providers. To get the most of wifi you install, don't skip wlan RF site survey. Though Wifi itself functions not only provide wireless internet access, but also several other functions such as

1. With Wifi, Smartphones Can Function As A Remote

Applications provided by application service providers such as Google Play Store or Apple Store can make smartphones become television remote. You do this by using the Remote Application that is connected via a Wifi connection.

2. Can be used as a router

There are applications that can function as intermediaries used on smartphones to be used for other devices such as laptops and other smartphones. But now there are many smartphones that have available automatic router functions without downloading certain applications again at cellular service stores.

3. As Extra Security

Smart applications like Find My Phone are very important to find a smartphone that is lost or has just been stolen. With the observation of Wifi technology, the existence of a smartphone or the perpetrator who answers it can be read easily. But beforehand, make sure you have synchronized to other devices first.

4. Transfer Files Between Devices

Like Bluetooth, Wifi can also be used to make it easier for someone to transfer files to other devices such as computers or other smartphones. Even the Eye-Fi card used for several cameras can be easily stored directly on a smartphone with the help of Wifi.

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