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What To Do If You Have the Problem-related To the Focus

Whether it's work or daily activities, we may often lose concentration. Just wanting to focus is also difficult. There are always things that attract our attention and we are unable to finish the job effectively. Even if the work is finished, the time spent is very long. So, how do you increase focus when you often lose concentration? Do the following things while taking advantage of nitric oxide.

Use Earplug

The thing that often dissolves our concentration is sound. If you are working on an important task, such as office work or maybe cooking, try using earplugs or earplugs. If you want to improve your mood more, you can use earphones to listen to music.

Short sleep

If we are going to work on a heavy task that takes a long time, a short sleep may help. This short sleep may already be familiar with the name power nap. This short sleep takes about 10 to 20 minutes, but it must be effective. In this way, the mind can be fresher and concentration can increase.

Don't forget to drink

Based on research in the Journal of Nutrition in 2012, the condition of dehydration can make us lose concentration. This condition of dehydration can be realized or not, so we never really pay attention to it. When the brain senses physiological changes, the brain sends signals to make the bodywork in minimal conditions. The condition of dehydration is not marked by thirst alone. If you often lose concentration, maybe you are actually dehydrated.

Divert attention for a moment

If we start to be out of focus and bored, surely we want to play gadget. Often, we become a preoccupation and forget the time so that the work becomes neglected. This is indeed the reason. A distraction like Instagram email and timeline will create a short sense of pleasure. That makes us rather addicted to playing gadgets while working. Next time, then we are struggling with cellphones, try this strange but effective way.

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