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Utilizing Point of Sale for Retail and Wholesale Industries

Although at first there were still many people who were reluctant to switch from their bills and books, the technology finally made it into the retail industry as well. Along with the increasing popularity of the internet, the retail business has become much easier to manage. Now the POS software system is at the heart of the retail business. POS or Point of Sale manages all operations in actual sales activities such as retail or wholesale businesses. On the other hand, don't forget to try the best service near your area for your business too.

POS for Retail vs. POS Industries for the Wholesale Industry

As more retail and wholesale businesses adapt to ERP, POS software has become a mandatory requirement for them. Even though they work together, POS software for wholesalers is slightly different from retail. The main difference is in the integration of the warehouse system (warehouse system) which is mandatory for wholesalers related to large quantities of goods. For wholesalers, sales are made by sending orders. As for retail, customers see the product and decide to buy it when they visit the store. Therefore, the wholesale POS has facilities that allow entering bulk orders and sales can be done automatically when the order is confirmed.

When it comes to retailing, the requirements are slightly different. POS wholesale requires handling large volumes of data while POS retail requires fast and strong handling of data volumes. POS software for retail needs must be integrated with accounting and requires employees needed for wholesale as well. Wholesale customers are usually regular customers who may not always come to the store to buy. Usually, they inform their rough needs in advance of the samples provided by traders. After the sample and price are approved, new orders can be confirmed. Whereas in retail, processing must be packaged faster and the needs must be clear because the customers here are irregular in nature.

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