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Tips How to Choose the Right Needles Type for Your Embroidery Machine

Needles is an important aspects of embroidery machine. It may be so confusing to choose what is the right needles for your machine. You should know the spefication of your needles that suitable for the type of stabilizer, fabric and thread you are going to use. So, are you looking for a store that you can shopping for needles Embroidery Columbia Sc? It’s a good thing to know that there’s so many stores of high quality embroidery kits in Columbia. Don’t forget to consider the right needles when shopping for embroidery kits. But before shopping, here are some tips to choose the right needles type you should know.

Tips How to Choose the Right Needles Type

Before you start shopping for embroidery needles, the first thing you need to do is to find out what type of needle you are going to use by looking at the user manual of embroidery machine. The shape of shank of the needles can be different depending on your embroidery machine brand, and it’s important for you to checking it out.

Universal point is the type of needles that commonly used for embroidery machine. You can use universal point in most kinds stabilizers and fabrics in general. You need to use a sharp point needle, if you are using a fine stabilizer like water soluble stabilizer. It can penetrate through the stabilizer easily.

Embroidery needles has 70-110 mm or 7-11 (US) in size. It means the lower needle number you use, the finer the needle. The size of the embroidery needle actually depends on the kind of thread, stabilizer and fabric you are using for embroidery design.

That’s all about choosing the right needles for embroidery machine tips you should know. So it’s better for you to consider what type of needle you want to use.

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