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Repeat means repeating and range extend means expanding the range. Then do the two devices have the same function and why? The answer is, of course, yes, because after successfully repeating the wireless Access Point signal, of course, you can expand the length of the wireless. The repeater device or range extender functions as a repeater or extends the signal range of the Wireless Router (Access Point) so that the client that is located apart from a somewhat remote distance can still access or connect to the internet network. Sure, you can read Motorola MOCA Adapter review to determine whether or not it is the good choice for you.

How far is the wifi signal re-emitted by the repeater / extender device? Well, generally this device will retransmit a wifi signal between 20-25 meters with interference-free environment conditions. There are several things that must be considered, such as:

1. If the wireless router device uses a type of TKIP encryption, it can be better to change it to AES. In my experience, some failures when configuring the repeater/extender device are caused by this.

2. Check whether the access point of your system applies a MAC Address filter. The MAC Address filter feature is usually to limit the connection to a wireless router based on the mac address, meaning that the device that can be connected to the wireless router is only devices whose mac address has been registered in the MAC Address filter list.

3. If you connect the wireless router with the proxy router, for settings you may need special knowledge because sometimes there are some rules settings that make the repeater/extender device unable to connect to the internet. Even though you feel successful connecting to the wireless router.

The correct way to install an Extender is 1.5 meters from the floor or generally on a socket that is parallel to the light switch. You need to pay attention when you want to install, you should consider the web site survey process on IQ Setup. Make a connection, when the wireless router signal strength ranges from 35-40% or with an indication of a 2-3 bar wifi signal. To anticipate disconnecting with wireless routers.