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When going for the DOT physical Jacksonville, you surely have the reason and purpose. However, the test will not be as simple as you think. There are so many things to know in mind, including what to avoid or to never make during the DOT breath alcohol test. When will you start the test? Or have you done any research to gather details of how the DOT test will be? The driver must ensure that he or she can create the comfort and guarantee to not harm those who become their passengers. Is this one of your main reasons for taking this test?


First is a distraction and you must know this. While conducting the test, make sure you won't get distracted. Make sure no one will know not to disturb any technician who is performing the alcohol test or the most known as urine drug screen collection. Either in person or on the telephone, never initiate the conversation that has no relation to the test matters and needs.

The next thing to avoid is missing the step. When it comes to DOT test, never rush through the process. Each step of this test must get performed in the specific order. You just need to ensure that you will follow each step based on the command or what the examiner asks you. If you have the questions, make sure to ask it all in the beginning before the date or time of your test. This then makes you have to do the well prepared so that the test will give the result you want.

The thing we must remember is that we live in the busy world, which can mean that you are tempted to rush through drug or alcohol test to be able to get your next task. However, it is no less important to get to know that the federal laws need that department of transportation test done in a specific way. Additionally, skipping the test can leave you open the fines and citations.