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First Logistics Customs Brokerage services play an important role in helping, carrying out connectivity and developing socio-economics as well as each region. Although there are still many shortcomings, logistics services are step by step developing, helping to import business entities reduce costs, increase competitiveness with foreign business entities. Now, there are approximately 1,300 logistics companies, including business entities with a capital of foreign investment. This is a potential service with a scale from 20-22 billion US dollars per year, occupying approximately 21% of national GDP. The annual report "Global Competitiveness" from the World Economic Forum shows that it is in a position after many countries in the region about logistics services, namely road quality and the quality of seaports.

Therefore, if the quality of logistics is improved, this will be a major driver of the import-export sector. First, the legal framework and institutions are defined according to the state management mechanism regarding logistics and the formulation of a policy system to help develop the logistics sector. Besides that, it exposes legal frameworks to guide business entities to carry out activities in accordance with the Constitution. The second is the infrastructure of the transportation and transportation branch infrastructure, roads, bridges, stations, seaports to goods depots or logistics centers. That's all the infrastructure that is very necessary.

The logistics services target will contribute 8-10% of GDP, the service growth rate reaches 15-20%, the logistics costs fall from 16-20% of GDP, the national capability index of logistics in the world ranks 50th and above. This is a huge driving force for logistics business entities. To realize all the targets that have been set, the Government is also perfecting the policy, especially when the fuel crisis with fuel prices has increased, making logistics management change. Therefore, if you intend to send goods in large quantities and often, it is better to make mutually beneficial cooperation between the two parties. intensify the absorption of investment in logistics infrastructure; strengthen cooperation with foreign partners to expand logistics infrastructure connectivity to connect ports.