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As a pilot, usually when you work you only need clear communication with the co-pilot and cabin crew, as well as Air Traffic Controller officers in the aircraft control tower. The rest, you're entirely in control. Being a pilot means the opportunity to go to many locations or countries, meet new people, and have time for yourself. Meanwhile, you may also need to see the recommended directgov jobs, especially if you want to find a good-paying job quickly and easily.

Video editor

After the process of filming a film or video is complete, it takes someone to edit the raw material. The job as a video editor is often regarded as the "dirty work" in the film industry, but for those who prefer to work on their own terms, this is a fairly ideal job. The main task of a video editor is to process raw footage into an interesting unity with a touch of creativity they have, which is generally done in their comfortable personal space without interference from others.


For those who are interested in law, besides your lawyer, you can also have a career as a paralegal. In general, paralegals are professions whose job is to assist lawyers in their work at a law firm or legal department in a company. But paralegals themselves are not lawyers. The task of a general paralegal is to administer, organize files, conduct legal research, and prepare documents. Even though paralegals are generally not graduates of legal higher education, a legal scholar can be a paralegal.

Graphic designer

As a graphic designer, you still need clear communication with clients to produce works that are according to their wishes, but in practice, graphic design is work that is generally done alone, especially for freelance designers who work from home.


As an accountant, you will face numbers, so this is the right job for those who are able to work alone and have the ability to process numbers and be thorough. The main tasks of accountants and auditors are checking records, checking financial operations, and preparing documents for clients or companies.