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For golf lovers, choosing the right clothes can be something that feels so important. Not infrequently who choose golf clothes to express themselves. However, it is not only the origin of choosing because there are some dress codes that must be fulfilled in this flamboyant sport. To avoid a monotonous style but remain polite, it is necessary to match golf clothing to make it look fashionable. Intrigued by the way? Check out the full review here. Apart from that, you may need to visit the high-class phuket golf course in Thailand.


For Women, Watch Your Skirt Color

In general, skirts for playing golf are made longer than the current trends, so that not a few feel their style is not up to date. To overcome a style that looks boring, you can choose golf clothes with adorable and beautiful colors to balance golf clothes on that day.

Change Jeans with more Formal Pants

Jeans have become a favorite of many people to maximize their style, except in golf. To overcome this, you can choose material pants like khaki or Capri and combine it with the boss and the right shoes to support your style.

Always Bring Backup Golf Clothing

Outdoor activities such as when playing golf mean that you can be exposed to sudden rain or heat from the sun. To avoid you dying of style at an unexpected time, bring spare golf clothes like clothes or pants and shoes with you.

Use Comfortable Shoes

In addition to making the style of your golf clothes maximum, the choice of comfortable shoes will keep your feet up when you have to walk far on the golf course. Choose shoes with cushion inside and also spike on the soles. Don't forget to choose a neutral color so that it is always suitable to be combined with any golf clothes.

Well, that's a few tips for choosing the right golf clothes. Easy enough, right? So, you don't have to bother with monotonous style when you have to act in the field. Because it turns out there are various ways to support your style so that it looks trendy.