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Lombok is indeed known as a tourist place that presents a variety of natural beauty. In fact, there are now that is the best choice for investment. Investment is indeed one of the things that are always done if you can manage your finances well. Lombok is one of the strategic locations for a very appropriate investment.

One place in Lombok that is very suitable as an investment place is Selong Belanak. There, there are some activities that you can even do. Some of the activities in question are

- Surfing
In addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery and beautiful beaches, tourists can also do interesting activities such as surfing, because the waves on the right side of the beach are much bigger than the left side, which is classified as calm and suitable as a place to play or bathe.
However, the waves in this place cannot be said to be very large. However, it can still provide its own pleasure, especially for those of you who want to learn or for those of you who are still intermediate surfers.

- Culinary tour
There are many beaches in Lombok that not only offer the beauty of the beach as its main attraction but offers also a variety of culinary delights that are delicious and delicious. Nipah Beach in West Lombok and Selong Belanak Beach in Central Lombok are two examples of beaches that are often used as holiday destinations on weekends to enjoy the fresh atmosphere of coastal air while enjoying the delicious culinary seafood with various dishes and recipes, ranging from grilled fish, satay fish, and others.

- Snorkeling
When visiting this famous beach in Central Lombok, it's not only the natural scenery around the beach that you can enjoy. Instead, you can feel the underwater beauty with snorkeling. Yes, the underwater world around this beach is famous for being quite beautiful with various marine biota that decorates it.
But unfortunately, there is no place to rent snorkeling equipment on this beach so you have to bring your own snorkeling equipment if you want to swim to see the underwater scenery there.