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Almost all parts of the car continue to evolve, as well as car keys that function as car safety. While evolution in the car keys not only prioritizes security but also includes other additional functions intended to facilitate its use and make it more practical. One form of the continued evolution of ordinary car keys is keyless access or keyless access, Car Key Replacement that functions as a remote. This solution has become very common and has been widely used. Although it offers practicality, keyless access also carries a security risk because it allows thieves to hack it. Even to do so, prospective thieves only need a special relay device that can be purchased easily. The small device can receive signals from keyless remote access through walls, doors, and windows. After one of the thieves managed to capture the signal, the signal is automatically forwarded to the second relay positioned near the car and in the instant, the car door opens.

Insurance companies and carmakers are aware of this. Therefore, one technology company believes that security technologies such as fingerprints, facial recognition, and retinal scanning are needed to gain access to future vehicles. This technology is not something new and has been widely known through everyday devices such as smartphones. Dublin Car Keys are working on new and innovative ways to give owners access to their vehicles, including through a fingerprint scanner that is not only intended to open the car but also to start the engine. According to Synaptics, the fingerprint scanner is the first security layer that can be combined with other security layers, such as geofencing which only provides access based on certain locations and time-based access. In addition to fingerprints, profiles or specific driver related details can also be stored and used as needed, such as favorite seat positions and music preferences.