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Let It Not Tacky When To Coffee Shop, Know This Coffee Term

The coffee shop trend that is mushrooming makes coffee one of the most sought-after drinks today. Doing office work or just hanging out with friends in a unique and Instagramable coffee shop is indeed becoming the choice of many people, especially the millennials. It is undeniable that learn more here has a good influence on health, even drinking a cup of ffresh roasted coffee can add up to 9 minutes of age. So that the fresh roasted coffee you drink feels more enjoyable and has an optimal effect on health, this should be known.

But don't get confused when ordering because you don't know the coffee terms offered. Espresso comes from Italian express, aka fast. Espresso is an extract from coffee beans that are processed with high-pressure machines that are made to be served as soon as possible to customers. Espresso is the essence of coffee beans because it is a pure coffee bean extract without mixture. The taste is very bitter, making espresso is usually served in a small cup called espresso shot. Americano is a coffee made by mixing one shot of espresso with hot water. This makes the taste of the coffee not as bitter as ordinary espresso coffee. However, for those of you who are still newbies in the coffee industry, this Americano is still quite bitter.

Latte is a coffee drink made by mixing espresso with milk. Lattes usually contain more milk, so the coffee feels smoother. Usually, this type of coffee is often served beautifully with unique and funny latte art. As the name implies, cold brew is a method of brewing coffee with soaking for at least 8 hours using room temperature or cold water. Many people think that dark roast coffee has more caffeine. But not according to Dr. Arnot. Light roast coffee is actually better because it is richer in antioxidants and it feels more outgoing - whether it's a fruity note, chocolate note, and others. Dark roast coffee is a good way to cover coffee beans that aren't too good, Dr. Arnot.

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