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Initial preparation of ceramic tiles on the floor

Ceramic materials are widely used for flooring. With a large selection of colors, motifs, and sizes will beautify the appearance of the room. To install it requires expertise and precision in order to get good results. However, you can also learn to install ceramics yourself. In its installation, there are several factors that need to be considered so that the tile installation is correct and correct. Meanwhile, you might also need to get the florida handyman license , if you really want to become a serious and valid handyman, especially if you aim to become a professional painter.

Determine the type of ceramics needed, for example for exterior or interior floors. This selection is adjusted to the conditions of installation.

Determine the surface area to be coated with ceramic, and the installation material. The required ceramics is about 15% more than the measured room area for the parallel installation type, and 25% for the diagonal.

Determine the color, size, and motif of the ceramic.

Determine the method or method of installation to be carried out, whether open join with nat width> 3mm, or closed join with small nat <3mm. Determine the desired mounting pattern, whether parallel or diagonal. The diagonal installation will require more ceramics because of the large amount of ceramics cut at the edges of the room. Preparation for Installing Ceramics Make sure the tile to be installed is strong and flat. This is to ensure that the installed ceramic will not crack and break. Also, make sure the floor base has no cracks and debris if there must be smoothed and cleaned first. Prepare the following ingredients and equipment: Meter. Elbow ruler. Gloves. Safety glasses. Rubber hammer. Tile cutter or tile pliers. Measuring threads and nails. Putty knife. Tile spacer. Bubble level water pass. Sponge Markers or chalk. Mortar as a ceramic adhesive. Tile grout as grout filler.

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