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Here Are Three Ways to Introduce English in Children

Many parents who want their children can be of various languages, ranging from English to quite difficult languages ?such as Arabic. Arabic and English are indeed two languages ??that are in great demand. Not infrequently, there are many people who arabic world so they can benefit from learning the two languages. However, for children, it might be better when they learn it one by one.

For some children, English is indeed no longer a foreign language. however, some other children still feel familiar with the language. There are several best ways to introduce English to children. Some of the ways in question are

1. Invite children to watch animations in English
Children love animation. Yes, of course! You can use this point to attract their attention. Invite children to watch Indonesian-language animations first, when they have enjoyed this method, start changing the animation with animation that uses English. This will familiarize children to listen to English words. Of course, you have to have lots of stock animations that you will use in turn. Do not use the same animation repeatedly because they will feel bored.

2. Sing songs of children who use English
Besides seeing the animation, children like to sing. This is the second way you can use Squliners. Find English children's songs that are easy for children to learn. Let them listen to the song. Then invite them to sing along with the guide when saying the words correctly. In this way, you have trained their listening and conversation.

3. Simple communication using English
You can invite the children to communicate simply every day. By communicating, children will no longer feel awkward and unfamiliar with the English they will use later on. Make sure the vocabulary that you use is also not a difficult vocabulary so that children easily understand.

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