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Lombok is indeed known as a tourist place that presents a variety of natural beauty. In fact, there are now that is the best choice for investment. Investment is indeed one of the things that are always done if you can manage your finances well. Lombok is one of the strategic locations for a very appropriate investment.

One place in Lombok that is very suitable as an investment place is Selong Belanak. There, there are some activities that you can even do. Some of the activities in question are

- Surfing
In addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery and beautiful beaches, tourists can also do interesting activities such as surfing, because the waves on the right side of the beach are much bigger than the left side, which is classified as calm and suitable as a place to play or bathe.
However, the waves in this place cannot be said to be very large. However, it can still provide its own pleasure, especially for those of you who want to learn or for those of you who are still intermediate surfers.

- Culinary tour
There are many beaches in Lombok that not only offer the beauty of the beach as its main attraction but offers also a variety of culinary delights that are delicious and delicious. Nipah Beach in West Lombok and Selong Belanak Beach in Central Lombok are two examples of beaches that are often used as holiday destinations on weekends to enjoy the fresh atmosphere of coastal air while enjoying the delicious culinary seafood with various dishes and recipes, ranging from grilled fish, satay fish, and others.

- Snorkeling
When visiting this famous beach in Central Lombok, it's not only the natural scenery around the beach that you can enjoy. Instead, you can feel the underwater beauty with snorkeling. Yes, the underwater world around this beach is famous for being quite beautiful with various marine biota that decorates it.
But unfortunately, there is no place to rent snorkeling equipment on this beach so you have to bring your own snorkeling equipment if you want to swim to see the underwater scenery there.

Someday in your life, you will need a locksmith. Before you call, there is some extremely essential data that could spare you a great deal of time and cash and protect you from conceivable misrepresentation. Here is a useful rundown that can help you in the social occasion the data you'll require. When something unwanted happens, which relates to the needs and use of lock either home lock or car key, you may wonder how the best can help you. Somehow, choosing the best locksmith can take time. Not only that, you must be sure of which one to choose from for the number of reasons. To start your search, do the following things.

Recognize Need

Is it true that you are bolted out of your home or auto? Did you break your bolt by one means or another or require a bolt supplanted after a robbery? The more particular you can be, the less demanding it will be to distinguish what sort of locksmith to call. This likewise enhances your odds of accepting a precise gauge via telephone.

Get a Referral

In the event that you aren't ready to get a referral from a relative, companion or neighbor, at that point your protection supplier is an extraordinary place to begin. Suppliers frequently keep up a rundown of trustworthy locksmiths or may even offer locksmith benefits as a major aspect of their advantages.

Verify reputation

The simple thing to do reputation verification is to refer the Better Business Bureau rating online. Aside from that, you can gather info by asking individuals who ever hire that locksmith before. With the number of locksmiths you can find out there, it's important to hire only a reputable one since the quality is your concern, right?

You must have known that flowers are indeed a symbol of warmth and love for many people. Even in some important events, flowers become a complement to enhance the atmosphere. There are various types of flowers that can be used as a bucket for certain events. However, to make bucket flowers is not an easy thing. You have to find the right flower shop so you can make a beautiful flower bucket. The one you can choose is floristerias medellin.

However, choosing the right flower shop is also a difficult thing. Below are some tips for choosing the right flower shop and can make a beautiful bucket flower to your liking.

1. Fast and professional service
Henceforth before you buy flowers at a store, it would be nice to pay attention in terms of service. If the service is very long, of course, the flowers you buy will quickly wither.
Therefore, make sure the flower shop service is very fast so that the flowers you choose remain fresh. In addition, if through online sites, make sure in terms of delivery very quickly and the packing is very neat to avoid damage to the flowers.

2. Offers many models
For the latter, before buying flowers, either directly to the store or online, make sure the seller offers a variety of flower models or types.
With so many models or types of flowers, you can choose some of the flowers that you want for your needs. this is of course very important, so choose a seller that offers many models.

3. Offer services to make flower buckets
There are a number of flower shops that only provide flowers without flower bucket making services. For that, you have to be smart to choose a flower shop that can make a bucket of flowers that you want and according to your wishes and tastes. A proper flower bucket will bring a warmer and more beautiful atmosphere.

Needles is an important aspects of embroidery machine. It may be so confusing to choose what is the right needles for your machine. You should know the spefication of your needles that suitable for the type of stabilizer, fabric and thread you are going to use. So, are you looking for a store that you can shopping for needles Embroidery Columbia Sc? It’s a good thing to know that there’s so many stores of high quality embroidery kits in Columbia. Don’t forget to consider the right needles when shopping for embroidery kits. But before shopping, here are some tips to choose the right needles type you should know.

Tips How to Choose the Right Needles Type

Before you start shopping for embroidery needles, the first thing you need to do is to find out what type of needle you are going to use by looking at the user manual of embroidery machine. The shape of shank of the needles can be different depending on your embroidery machine brand, and it’s important for you to checking it out.

Universal point is the type of needles that commonly used for embroidery machine. You can use universal point in most kinds stabilizers and fabrics in general. You need to use a sharp point needle, if you are using a fine stabilizer like water soluble stabilizer. It can penetrate through the stabilizer easily.

Embroidery needles has 70-110 mm or 7-11 (US) in size. It means the lower needle number you use, the finer the needle. The size of the embroidery needle actually depends on the kind of thread, stabilizer and fabric you are using for embroidery design.

That’s all about choosing the right needles for embroidery machine tips you should know. So it’s better for you to consider what type of needle you want to use.

You feel that there is no more attention to your performance. People just look at your performance ordinary. In this case, it is the right time for you to figure out the way how you can get their attention again. It is not supposed to be totally different in your personal appearance. In this case, it is possible for you to just try to look slightly different by changing your haircut for example. There are a lot of options that you can pick. With more options, you can find your preferable haircut easily. However, although choosing your haircut seems easy, in fact, for people that do not understand of this stuff, they feel difficult to determine the option. You really need some references such as black health and wealth to look up.

In fact, there are some criteria that you have to concern before determining your haircut option. By this way, if you really want to find the most suitable haircut, you have to know the criteria. For instance, as you are about to decide your best option of haircut, it is recommended for you to also consider your effort to deal with it in daily basis.

Some certain haircut options are going to require you to spend for several minutes to deal with it in daily basis. Thus, before you determine the option, the detail regarding with your daily effort should be well considered. It is terrible that you are not good enough to deal with it every day.

As you realize that it is much better for you to choose the haircut options with daily effortless treatment. By this way, you will not be bothered with your own option of haircut. As the result, you can feel so much convenient with your haircut option and consider it included into your favorites.

Lately, there has been drug abuse. Many drugs are on the market, such as marijuana, methamphetamine, ecstasy, and heroin. Drug abuse of drug types is very dangerous because it can affect the nervous system, resulting in addiction, and dependence, because it affects the nervous system. Narcotics cause changes in behavior, feelings, perceptions, and awareness. Not only that, aside from hurting the abuser's body, the effects of drugs abuse may also disturb everyone around that person as well. Therefore, it'd be hard for him/her to socialize or building a good relationship with their beloved ones, as well as with the rest of society. Apart from that, perhaps you need to try ayahuasca to cure the severe case of drugs addiction.

The use of drugs in general and also psychotropic substances that are not in accordance with the rules can cause harmful effects on the body.

Based on the effects of drug abuse can be divided into 3, namely:

1. Depressants, which suppress the central nervous system and reduce the body's functional activities so that the user feels calm, can even make the user sleep and unconscious. When overdosing can lead to death. Types of drug depressants include opiodes and various derivatives such as morphine and heroin.

2. Stimulants stimulates body functions and increase excitement and awareness. Types of stimulants: Caffeine, Cocaine, Amphetamine. Examples that are now often used are Shabu-shabu and Ecstasy.

3. Hallucinogens, the main effect is to change the power of perception or cause hallucinations. Most hallucinogens come from plants such as cactus mescaline and psilocybin from mushrooms. Besides that, there are also mixed in a laboratory like LSD. The most widely used are marijuana or marijuana.

If drugs are used continuously or exceed the prescribed dose will cause dependence. This addiction will result in physical and psychological disorders, due to damage to the central nervous system (CNS) and body organs such as the heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys.

Propane Kingstree SC is gaining its popularity due to its use that you can easily find. Is dependability vital to you as a mortgage holder? Realizing that your apparatuses will hold up and be dependable under circumstances that aren't perfect is enormous as a property holder. That is the place propane comes in. In the event that there is a power blackout your propane apparatuses won't quit working. Propane will work when different wellsprings of vitality won't. Just about 90 percent of all propane is created appropriate here in the United States. You can generally depend on it. Propane gas — utilized by a great many family units every year — gives property holders a dependable wellspring of vitality to fuel machines inside and outside the home.

Propane has a significant surprising security record, due in expansive part to the stringent codes and directions created by the propane business and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Measurements arranged by the NFPA demonstrate that the most secure approach to warm is with gas.

As said previously, propane gas is nontoxic and can produce the minimal emissions. It also won't ginite when get combined with the air. The great one is that propane won't harmful to soil and water. On the other words, you and loved ones don't need to worry about the pollution effects.

Perhaps, you never wonder how propane can be a good value. Generally speaking, propane is energy efficient solution with better performance and better value. Aside from that, it provides the great value since it works to burn hotter and more efficiently than other sources of energy. In addition, it powers variety of high performance and energy efficient appliances. If you want to qualify to tax credits, it is good to deal with the installation of efficient propane tankless water heater.

Almost all parts of the car continue to evolve, as well as car keys that function as car safety. While evolution in the car keys not only prioritizes security but also includes other additional functions intended to facilitate its use and make it more practical. One form of the continued evolution of ordinary car keys is keyless access or keyless access, Car Key Replacement that functions as a remote. This solution has become very common and has been widely used. Although it offers practicality, keyless access also carries a security risk because it allows thieves to hack it. Even to do so, prospective thieves only need a special relay device that can be purchased easily. The small device can receive signals from keyless remote access through walls, doors, and windows. After one of the thieves managed to capture the signal, the signal is automatically forwarded to the second relay positioned near the car and in the instant, the car door opens.

Insurance companies and carmakers are aware of this. Therefore, one technology company believes that security technologies such as fingerprints, facial recognition, and retinal scanning are needed to gain access to future vehicles. This technology is not something new and has been widely known through everyday devices such as smartphones. Dublin Car Keys are working on new and innovative ways to give owners access to their vehicles, including through a fingerprint scanner that is not only intended to open the car but also to start the engine. According to Synaptics, the fingerprint scanner is the first security layer that can be combined with other security layers, such as geofencing which only provides access based on certain locations and time-based access. In addition to fingerprints, profiles or specific driver related details can also be stored and used as needed, such as favorite seat positions and music preferences.

Child development is important for parents. many parents even do a variety of ways to be able to support child development well. one of the right ways to support children's growth and development is to teach them self-defense skills. One of the martial arts that can be done by children is kids kickboxing.

However, the thing you need to pay attention to is never to force a child to run the martial arts you want. Let them choose the martial arts they want themselves. In addition, there are several things related to child development.

1. Creativity
Creativity becomes the second element that also has a big influence on a child's growth process. This creative sense will come along with the intelligence and mindset of the little one. The intelligence possessed by your child will be even more optimal if he also has a highly creative soul in him. This creativity will later bring your child into a unique, diligent, and solutive person in dealing with every problem.

2. Self-confidence
Self-confidence is one trait that must be trained on the child from an early age because, with self-confidence, your little one will grow into a person with more mature feelings and thoughts. Not only that, but this confidence will also make your child become adaptable to his new environment. The ability to socialize will be formed along with his confidence.

3. Health
A healthy body becomes the main capital so that the child's growth process runs optimally. A weak and susceptible body to disease will certainly become an obstacle for the child in carrying out various activities.
Therefore, you need to always be vigilant and pay more attention to the health of your little one. Serve nutritious food and try to teach children martial arts to keep their health stable.

Whether it's work or daily activities, we may often lose concentration. Just wanting to focus is also difficult. There are always things that attract our attention and we are unable to finish the job effectively. Even if the work is finished, the time spent is very long. So, how do you increase focus when you often lose concentration? Do the following things while taking advantage of nitric oxide.

Use Earplug

The thing that often dissolves our concentration is sound. If you are working on an important task, such as office work or maybe cooking, try using earplugs or earplugs. If you want to improve your mood more, you can use earphones to listen to music.

Short sleep

If we are going to work on a heavy task that takes a long time, a short sleep may help. This short sleep may already be familiar with the name power nap. This short sleep takes about 10 to 20 minutes, but it must be effective. In this way, the mind can be fresher and concentration can increase.

Don't forget to drink

Based on research in the Journal of Nutrition in 2012, the condition of dehydration can make us lose concentration. This condition of dehydration can be realized or not, so we never really pay attention to it. When the brain senses physiological changes, the brain sends signals to make the bodywork in minimal conditions. The condition of dehydration is not marked by thirst alone. If you often lose concentration, maybe you are actually dehydrated.

Divert attention for a moment

If we start to be out of focus and bored, surely we want to play gadget. Often, we become a preoccupation and forget the time so that the work becomes neglected. This is indeed the reason. A distraction like Instagram email and timeline will create a short sense of pleasure. That makes us rather addicted to playing gadgets while working. Next time, then we are struggling with cellphones, try this strange but effective way.

Many parents who want their children can be of various languages, ranging from English to quite difficult languages ?such as Arabic. Arabic and English are indeed two languages ??that are in great demand. Not infrequently, there are many people who arabic world so they can benefit from learning the two languages. However, for children, it might be better when they learn it one by one.

For some children, English is indeed no longer a foreign language. however, some other children still feel familiar with the language. There are several best ways to introduce English to children. Some of the ways in question are

1. Invite children to watch animations in English
Children love animation. Yes, of course! You can use this point to attract their attention. Invite children to watch Indonesian-language animations first, when they have enjoyed this method, start changing the animation with animation that uses English. This will familiarize children to listen to English words. Of course, you have to have lots of stock animations that you will use in turn. Do not use the same animation repeatedly because they will feel bored.

2. Sing songs of children who use English
Besides seeing the animation, children like to sing. This is the second way you can use Squliners. Find English children's songs that are easy for children to learn. Let them listen to the song. Then invite them to sing along with the guide when saying the words correctly. In this way, you have trained their listening and conversation.

3. Simple communication using English
You can invite the children to communicate simply every day. By communicating, children will no longer feel awkward and unfamiliar with the English they will use later on. Make sure the vocabulary that you use is also not a difficult vocabulary so that children easily understand.

Lifeproof is a popular brand of vinyl flooring that has lower price than other brands. If you want to get lifeproof flooring for use in outdoor, the lifeproof vinyl flooring is the best choice for you. It is an affordable option that will make you save much money, which is a cheaper alternative than buying the hardwood for the flooring.

This flooring can be used for both inside or even outside your home. It depends on what you want to make the flooring like. If you want to look for any flooring that can be used in outdoor areas, just check the information below. You can know whether it can be used outside or not.

Lifeproof Vinyl Flooring for Used in Outdoor

The vinyl floor is a kind of flooring that can be used in outdoor, which the temperature will be controlled by the environment. So, make sure to install it at the place like a sun room, or outdoor space where you can control the temperature. If the vinyl is waterproof, you can also to be careful of the temperature changes, because it can handle the liquid spills like a master. It is the best choice for outdoor rooms. Do you want to install it?

Then, you don’t have to be worry because of the installation. The installation method will work as best as they can. You can choose so many kinds of installation, such as loose lay, click and lock, or even glue down installation. You can just choose which the best lifeproof vinyl flooring for the outdoor. Choose the best flooring depends on your want and also how much budget that you have.

That’s all the information about lifeproof vinyl flooring for use in outdoor. You can consider why you should choose this vinyl flooring, and match it with the room outside.

The coffee shop trend that is mushrooming makes coffee one of the most sought-after drinks today. Doing office work or just hanging out with friends in a unique and Instagramable coffee shop is indeed becoming the choice of many people, especially the millennials. It is undeniable that learn more here has a good influence on health, even drinking a cup of ffresh roasted coffee can add up to 9 minutes of age. So that the fresh roasted coffee you drink feels more enjoyable and has an optimal effect on health, this should be known.

But don't get confused when ordering because you don't know the coffee terms offered. Espresso comes from Italian express, aka fast. Espresso is an extract from coffee beans that are processed with high-pressure machines that are made to be served as soon as possible to customers. Espresso is the essence of coffee beans because it is a pure coffee bean extract without mixture. The taste is very bitter, making espresso is usually served in a small cup called espresso shot. Americano is a coffee made by mixing one shot of espresso with hot water. This makes the taste of the coffee not as bitter as ordinary espresso coffee. However, for those of you who are still newbies in the coffee industry, this Americano is still quite bitter.

Latte is a coffee drink made by mixing espresso with milk. Lattes usually contain more milk, so the coffee feels smoother. Usually, this type of coffee is often served beautifully with unique and funny latte art. As the name implies, cold brew is a method of brewing coffee with soaking for at least 8 hours using room temperature or cold water. Many people think that dark roast coffee has more caffeine. But not according to Dr. Arnot. Light roast coffee is actually better because it is richer in antioxidants and it feels more outgoing - whether it's a fruity note, chocolate note, and others. Dark roast coffee is a good way to cover coffee beans that aren't too good, Dr. Arnot.

Warehouse management is the most important part of logistics activities. Your success in fulfilling customer orders depends on managing inventory in your warehouse. If you leave your warehouse in disarray, then you have to face various consequences such as damaged or lost inventory, late product delivery, and more. All of that can be easily avoided if you have good warehouse management. Here we summarize 3 warehouse management tips to help optimize the management of your inventory. Meanwhile, check out the recommended 自存倉 near your area.

1. Arrange the space & layout of your warehouse

The most basic way to do is to arrange the space and layout of the warehouse. Plan to use each area in your warehouse. Make sure your warehouse area facilitates the process of getting out and entering goods. Mark each shelf so that your staff is not confused when placing and taking items. Also, make sure that your warehouse area is enough for a cargo carrying machine to pass.

2. Place the item according to the level of demand

Store items that have the most demand or sell quickly in areas that are easily accessible by your staff, for example near the packing or shipping area. This method will greatly save a lot of labor time, so there will be more tasks that can be completed.

To be able to identify items that are quickly sold and those that don't, consider using an automated inventory solution. Through this tool, you can also analyze trends and customer requests so you can make better business decisions.

3. Perform cycle calculations regularly

In addition to physical count, which is usually held one or two times a year, a cycle count also needs to be done. This is not as difficult as physical calculations that require you to stop all activities in the warehouse. You only need to calculate a small portion of goods in a certain location in your warehouse, so that warehouse operations can continue to run as usual. It is recommended to do this at least every three months to reduce the risk of inventory depreciation.

As a pilot, usually when you work you only need clear communication with the co-pilot and cabin crew, as well as Air Traffic Controller officers in the aircraft control tower. The rest, you're entirely in control. Being a pilot means the opportunity to go to many locations or countries, meet new people, and have time for yourself. Meanwhile, you may also need to see the recommended directgov jobs, especially if you want to find a good-paying job quickly and easily.

Video editor

After the process of filming a film or video is complete, it takes someone to edit the raw material. The job as a video editor is often regarded as the "dirty work" in the film industry, but for those who prefer to work on their own terms, this is a fairly ideal job. The main task of a video editor is to process raw footage into an interesting unity with a touch of creativity they have, which is generally done in their comfortable personal space without interference from others.


For those who are interested in law, besides your lawyer, you can also have a career as a paralegal. In general, paralegals are professions whose job is to assist lawyers in their work at a law firm or legal department in a company. But paralegals themselves are not lawyers. The task of a general paralegal is to administer, organize files, conduct legal research, and prepare documents. Even though paralegals are generally not graduates of legal higher education, a legal scholar can be a paralegal.

Graphic designer

As a graphic designer, you still need clear communication with clients to produce works that are according to their wishes, but in practice, graphic design is work that is generally done alone, especially for freelance designers who work from home.


As an accountant, you will face numbers, so this is the right job for those who are able to work alone and have the ability to process numbers and be thorough. The main tasks of accountants and auditors are checking records, checking financial operations, and preparing documents for clients or companies.

Repeat means repeating and range extend means expanding the range. Then do the two devices have the same function and why? The answer is, of course, yes, because after successfully repeating the wireless Access Point signal, of course, you can expand the length of the wireless. The repeater device or range extender functions as a repeater or extends the signal range of the Wireless Router (Access Point) so that the client that is located apart from a somewhat remote distance can still access or connect to the internet network. Sure, you can read Motorola MOCA Adapter review to determine whether or not it is the good choice for you.

How far is the wifi signal re-emitted by the repeater / extender device? Well, generally this device will retransmit a wifi signal between 20-25 meters with interference-free environment conditions. There are several things that must be considered, such as:

1. If the wireless router device uses a type of TKIP encryption, it can be better to change it to AES. In my experience, some failures when configuring the repeater/extender device are caused by this.

2. Check whether the access point of your system applies a MAC Address filter. The MAC Address filter feature is usually to limit the connection to a wireless router based on the mac address, meaning that the device that can be connected to the wireless router is only devices whose mac address has been registered in the MAC Address filter list.

3. If you connect the wireless router with the proxy router, for settings you may need special knowledge because sometimes there are some rules settings that make the repeater/extender device unable to connect to the internet. Even though you feel successful connecting to the wireless router.

The correct way to install an Extender is 1.5 meters from the floor or generally on a socket that is parallel to the light switch. You need to pay attention when you want to install, you should consider the web site survey process on IQ Setup. Make a connection, when the wireless router signal strength ranges from 35-40% or with an indication of a 2-3 bar wifi signal. To anticipate disconnecting with wireless routers.

The home security system is indeed one of the things that you should always pay attention to. Because your house certainly saves a lot of valuable items that you have blog here . With the maximum home security system, you can take care of all these items properly. One of the best and maximum providers of home security systems is Locksmith Dublin. With a good and sophisticated system, you can take care of all the items in your house.

However, there are a few simple steps for me to be able to strengthen your home security system. Some of the steps in question are

1. Lights
Lights in your home can be effective robbery and destruction prevention, and it can help you to scary all the thief. When lights are connected to a security system, they can be lit when certain sensors are triggered, illuminating the path to the front door when the smoke alarm is triggered, and suddenly lights up when a motion is detected in the backyard, for example.

2. Intercom
Simple actions like knowing who knocked on your front door before opening it was a very effective security measure. Usually, intercoms also have a camera to help you to look at who is visiting your home. There are intercoms that have a remote control, so you can control it even you are in a far away from home.

A camera that allows you to inspect areas in and around your home must be one of the first "extras" you buy. Such cameras give you peace, but when connected to a home security system, they can be configured to send live video snapshots to your smartphone, touchpanel, TV or other equipment when a motion is detected.

4. Audio system
There is an audio system than manipulate by playing the music, but you can also record the words that can scare the thief by broadcasting previously recorded verbal warnings such as "out of the house!" Whenever a security sensor detects someone entering your property.

Google has announced a series of improvisations to improve privacy control for internet users, as well as special sites that try to answer people's concerns about the practice of Google data collection in all their services. Under the new Google settings called My Account, users can configure their privacy and security settings for a number of Google services, such as Google Search, Maps, YouTube and more, as well as the ability to disable Google to save web and application activities and your location history. On the other hand, perhaps you want to try the reliable multi factor authentication for windows system to ensure the security of your gadgets.

New Improvisation Done by Google

On the My Account page, users can run a Privacy Check and Security Check that help them make the changes they want through their account settings. This is done by examining the data they want, whether public or private, which can be used to personalize their data.

For example, users can adjust the personal data they want to display on their Google Plus profile. Can people who have your telephone number find you on services like Google Duo, whether your Youtube subscription is private, and more.

You can also adjust whether Google can store certain information, which is only available to you. For example, like the #YouTube site or your search history, device information, audio and audio activity, location history, and web browser history and other information.

Meanwhile, the new privacy site of Google is presented to answer questions about what types of data are collected and why Google collects. Most of the contents of this site will offer a more customized time when using Google apps and show users more on target, and display more relevant ads.

This is not the first time Google is trying to store information on service under one roof, the company that first launched Google Dashboard back in 2009 which allows users to track their Google activities. And in 2012, Google increased the details offered by launching even more detailed metrics on special sites.

Bagi para penyandang disabilitas, mendapatkan fasilitas yang tepat untuk keterbatasan mereka memang tidak mudah Ada banyak sekali tempat yang masih saja tidak menyediakan berbagai fasilitas yang tepat untuk para penyandang disabilitas. Padahal, berbagai fasilitas khusus tersebut tentu akan membuat mereka lebih nyaman dan aman ketika berada di luar rumah mereka tanpa pendamping.

Di Jakarta sendiri, fasilitas untuk para penyandang disabilitas memang sudah banyak ditemukan. Namun, di beberapa transportasi public, masih jarang fasilitas khusus para penyandang disabilitas yang bisa digunakan. Namun, beberapa waktu ke depan, Jakarta akan memiliki transportasi umum baru yaitu MRT atau Moda Raya Terpadu. MRT sendiri rencananya akan memiliki beebrapa fasilitas yang ramah untuk para penyandang disabilitas. Beberapa fasilitas yang nantinya akan hadir di MRT adalah

- Trotoar yang dibuat nyaman untuk para penyandang disabilitas
Trotoar yang ada di stasiun MRT menggunakan blok taktol yaitu lantai dengan tekstur ang menonjol untuk membantu penyandang tuna netra untuk berjalan. Blok-blok ini juga terdapat di beranda peron, dan area peron. Bahkan, aka nada satu baris blok taktil dan ada tempat duduk untuk menunggu kereta yang dikelilingi oleh blok taktil tersebut. Lantai dari peron juga dibuat dari material yang tidak licin, agar para penyandang disabilitas merasa aman saat berjalan di atasnya.

- Huruf braile pada lift
Lift juga tersedia di stasiun MRT. Namun, di lift tersebut nanitnya akan tersedia huruf braile untuk mereka penyandang disabilitas yang harus menuju lantai atas, atau peron. Tak hanya untuk para penyandang disabilitas, para ibu yang membawa kereta bayi juga akan mudah mencapai lantai atas dengan lift tersebut.

- Mesin penjual tiket yang tingginya menyesuaikan pengguna kursi roda
Untuk memudahkan para pengguna kursi roda, ketinggian lubang pada mesin penjual tiket akan disesuaikan. Selain itu, pintu penumpang juga memiliki lebar 90 cm yang cukup untuk pengguna kursi roda. Semua fasilitas ini tentu disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan para penyandang disabilitas.

Ceramic materials are widely used for flooring. With a large selection of colors, motifs, and sizes will beautify the appearance of the room. To install it requires expertise and precision in order to get good results. However, you can also learn to install ceramics yourself. In its installation, there are several factors that need to be considered so that the tile installation is correct and correct. Meanwhile, you might also need to get the florida handyman license , if you really want to become a serious and valid handyman, especially if you aim to become a professional painter.

Determine the type of ceramics needed, for example for exterior or interior floors. This selection is adjusted to the conditions of installation.

Determine the surface area to be coated with ceramic, and the installation material. The required ceramics is about 15% more than the measured room area for the parallel installation type, and 25% for the diagonal.

Determine the color, size, and motif of the ceramic.

Determine the method or method of installation to be carried out, whether open join with nat width> 3mm, or closed join with small nat <3mm. Determine the desired mounting pattern, whether parallel or diagonal. The diagonal installation will require more ceramics because of the large amount of ceramics cut at the edges of the room. Preparation for Installing Ceramics Make sure the tile to be installed is strong and flat. This is to ensure that the installed ceramic will not crack and break. Also, make sure the floor base has no cracks and debris if there must be smoothed and cleaned first. Prepare the following ingredients and equipment: Meter. Elbow ruler. Gloves. Safety glasses. Rubber hammer. Tile cutter or tile pliers. Measuring threads and nails. Putty knife. Tile spacer. Bubble level water pass. Sponge Markers or chalk. Mortar as a ceramic adhesive. Tile grout as grout filler.

When going for the DOT physical Jacksonville, you surely have the reason and purpose. However, the test will not be as simple as you think. There are so many things to know in mind, including what to avoid or to never make during the DOT breath alcohol test. When will you start the test? Or have you done any research to gather details of how the DOT test will be? The driver must ensure that he or she can create the comfort and guarantee to not harm those who become their passengers. Is this one of your main reasons for taking this test?


First is a distraction and you must know this. While conducting the test, make sure you won't get distracted. Make sure no one will know not to disturb any technician who is performing the alcohol test or the most known as urine drug screen collection. Either in person or on the telephone, never initiate the conversation that has no relation to the test matters and needs.

The next thing to avoid is missing the step. When it comes to DOT test, never rush through the process. Each step of this test must get performed in the specific order. You just need to ensure that you will follow each step based on the command or what the examiner asks you. If you have the questions, make sure to ask it all in the beginning before the date or time of your test. This then makes you have to do the well prepared so that the test will give the result you want.

The thing we must remember is that we live in the busy world, which can mean that you are tempted to rush through drug or alcohol test to be able to get your next task. However, it is no less important to get to know that the federal laws need that department of transportation test done in a specific way. Additionally, skipping the test can leave you open the fines and citations.